What a fantastic weekend for DC ❤️
We would like to thank the organisers for an amazing championship and the many professionals for your continued support and compliments of our school and talented children. Each and every child that took place made us extremely proud and to think so many of our couples also made many finals and challenged for top honours at this prestigious event just shows what an amazing school we have. Our couples had so much support on the floor we were overwhelmed for them. Each and everyone of them for us shone and achieved in their very own way whether it was that final placing or just to have the courage to perform in front of thousands of people. For us every single child made us proud ❤️
Not to mention the amazing parents that rally around not only for their own children but for all of us xx You guys are simply the best ❤️❤️

Under 21 – Cam and Darcy 3 rd rule 10 for 2nd, also taking many 1 st placings !!!
Under 21 – Luca and Mia top 24 looking amazing out there !
Un 12. – Lili and Evan 3 rd ballroom ! Challenging all the way for top honours at such a young age ! Wow
Un 12. – top 24 Ruby and mason next to get into the top 12 , very unlucky although done us proud
Un 12. – eve and jay ! Our little pocket rockets top 24 – outstanding at just 7 years old
Un 12 latin – Lili and Evan 5 th place again taking lots of top marks. A great achievement
un 12 latin – Ruby and mason placed 13 th ! Only 1 mark of the semi an unlucky time but we are so proud of our superstars
un 12 latin – Eve and Jay again our little stars  briht top 24 ! And yet so young
un 12 latin – Seren andAiden 8 th place wow  what an achievement
un 16 Ballroom – Millie and Ben – top 24 and looking stunning out there
un 16 Ballroom – Mason and Tashi – so close to that final !! Just a few marks !!
un 16 latin – Gethin and Ruby well what can we say ! 3 week together and an outstanding 2 Nd place with a ruling for 1 st place in the cha
un 16 latin – Mason and Tashi 4 th place at just 12 and 14 years amazing
To finish the weekend we were given the amazing opportunity by Lisa and Alex Invents and the BDC / WDC to represent them at the World championship at the opening ceremony. A few of our couples were selected and we can not thank them enough for this amazing opportunity xx

For many years we have been lucky to have couples achieve at these prestigious finals and children year after year follow on from this to be members of team GB ! As teachers we just sit back in awe of everyone of our children not only for their dancing but for the support of each other ! So many life skills learnt through dance and so many respectful personalities built. children your DC team of teachers think the world of you, keep doing what you are doing and most of all enjoy