So this happened last night !!!!
Became finalists !!!!! Against over 160 couples from all over the world !
Proud doesn’t come close ! Gethin came to DC as a shy, unconfident rugby mad little boy who slowly realised that he had a love for dance also ! Or possibly the amount of girls he had the chance to dance with 
Several times a week Gethin will walk through DC doors with muddy knees in his rugby kit ! Making a quick change into his dance shoes,along with his studies this young man doesn’t stop !
Gethin has not only competed at the highest level of rugby representing his district, he has now after a tremendous amount of encouragement, hard work and confidence building become a strong talented dancer reaching finals many just dream of.
The journey has been emotionally tough on times but this young man never gave up !
Gethin to see you come alive on that floor last night was a privilege to watch along with your beautiful partner Ruby from ‘ SSD’ you both shone 
The last 6 mths you have both worked so hard and as teachers we are so proud of you xx
The young little boy who walked through those doors and now to a strong talented teenager who achieved one of his dreams last night !
A true inspiration to all our dancers and a shining example of a talented Rugby player and dancer ! So Surely , Gethin now you must believe !! ❤️love from us all  Jo xx